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Message from APMASS 2019 Chairman

Chairman, Professor Jin-Young Choi

Dear Colleagues
A warm welcome to all participants of the 2nd Asia –Pacific Maxillofacial Aesthetic Surgery Symposium in Taipei.
Maxillofacial aesthetic surgery is a rising new field in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. With social and economic development, patient demand for maxillofacial aesthetic procedures has been continuously growing in Asia. We have the knowledge and skills to improve facial aesthetics of patients more dramatically through facial bone surgery compared to other specialists who deal mainly with soft tissues of the face.

Orthognathic surgery, which always has been one of many skills mastered by oral & maxillofacial surgeons, is considered a powerful aesthetic surgical procedure in the face. Also, Asian patients generally differ from Caucasians in morphology, thus require different plans, approaches, and procedures.
Although we understand and manage the hard tissue with confidence, it is also true that not all of us are proficient or even interested in soft tissue management. It is a shame that not so many of us maxillofacial surgeons are publically considered as facial aesthetic experts. Sometimes we even have legal conflicts with neighboring specialties because of the range of practice. We maxillofacial surgeons share the same pride and also hardships. We often feel isolated and lonely, and that is why we need to gather together and support each other both in and out of operating rooms.

Therefore, we founded the Asia- Pacific Association of Maxillofacial Aesthetic Surgeons in 2017 and held the commemorating symposium in Seoul. Many invited speakers from Taiwan, Russia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, and Korea gave lectures about maxillofacial Aesthetic surgery. It was a great success. One of the many plans we agreed was to hold international symposium every 2 years.
I really appreciate all invited speakers and keynote speakers who will give lectures in this symposium. We can share the up-to-date knowledge and clinical experiences of excellent surgeons from all over the world. This symposium will educate and stimulate clinical activity in terms of maxillofacial aesthetic surgery. We are all pioneers in maxillofacial aesthetic surgery. For now, we may be only a few, but in 5-10 years, our society will grow larger thanks to contributions from each and one of you. So I look forward to your active participation.
On a final note, I would like to acknowledge Dr. Adrian Ming- Chi Hsieh, Dr. Ming Chih Chang, and the organizing committee who have put great effort in ensuring that this symposium is prepared successfully.
I wish all of you a memorable experience and an enjoyable symposium.


The symposium covers the full scope of aesthetic maxillofacial surgery practices which will include both hard and soft tissue procedures. It is directed for both beginners and proficient maxillofacial surgeons.


Orthognathic Surgery


Facial Bone

Contouring Surgery


Open and Closed Rhinoplasty


Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty



Forehead Contouring Surgery


Facelift Surgery


Fillers and Botox


TMJ Considerations in Facial Aesthetic Patients


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We encourage APMASS 2019 participants to submit an abstract for consideration by the Program Committee. All abstracts for oral presentations must be online submitted.

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Sep 28, 2019, 9:00 AM
Chang Yung-Fa Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan

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